Sunday, December 05, 2004


Well I'm still trying to figure this thingy out. But I finally officially decided that science fair absolutely sux! But yeah. I've been bored all day long. The Packers are stinking up the feild, so that's no fun to watch either. But i guess that I will continue on with the people I was talking about and add more to it!


Stephanie~ Haha your so funny! I love you sooooo much... ur always crack me up!! Kepp it up gurlie!! and go find some guy ur can hook up with!! haha... i love ya!

Amanda~ Amy's party was so much fun! You peoples crack me up when u r together! Volleyball should be interesting this year!! We will have to see how it goes!! I love ya though!

My goodness I'm tired... how sad is this? i got two people done!! WOW!! I think I'm gunna have to start working on it earlier in the day. Well I guess this means I will have to come back again! sign my guestbook... PLEASE!! Click on the post a comment item below!! OK??? Let me know if it doesnt work!